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Life study: shirts by Spectrum-VII Life study: shirts :iconspectrum-vii:Spectrum-VII 949 5 Sketches760 by B321618 Sketches760 :iconb321618:B321618 4 7 Drawing for a fan! by rossdraws Drawing for a fan! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 6,386 197 Sketches754 by B321618 Sketches754 :iconb321618:B321618 4 1 Daily Paint 1636. Cactusk by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1636. Cactusk :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,396 73 Colorpractice by ArtofLeogrim Colorpractice :iconartofleogrim:ArtofLeogrim 1 0 Eye/Valuestudy by ArtofLeogrim Eye/Valuestudy :iconartofleogrim:ArtofLeogrim 2 0 Grim Assassin by BrotherBaston Grim Assassin :iconbrotherbaston:BrotherBaston 91 2 Sketches753 by B321618 Sketches753 :iconb321618:B321618 6 1 Nya by Skitea Nya :iconskitea:Skitea 1,089 23 Girl-in-Blue-Panties by Sol-Caninus Girl-in-Blue-Panties :iconsol-caninus:Sol-Caninus 9 10 Sketches746 by B321618 Sketches746 :iconb321618:B321618 5 0 Gown Regina, Art Nouveau, olive, Somnia Romantica by SomniaRomantica Gown Regina, Art Nouveau, olive, Somnia Romantica :iconsomniaromantica:SomniaRomantica 305 6 Environment Thumbnails by BrotherBaston Environment Thumbnails :iconbrotherbaston:BrotherBaston 132 3 Arachno-Mage by BrotherBaston Arachno-Mage :iconbrotherbaston:BrotherBaston 158 7
Above:  Helpful tutorials for transitioning from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint.
CSP - a Caveat:  Progressing farther with tools and methods as I make the transition from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint. Yesterday I tested the symmetry ruler, drawing perfectly symmetrical faces and such. CSP makes it easy to do a lot of things that ordinarily take practice in order to do them skillfully.  But you can do them skillfully without skill by simply adjusting settings or selecting a particular tool.  This is great for production, but it represents a real threat to training the eye and hand.  Beautiful lines and symmetrical shapes come in a can when you use this program.  But is that a good thing?  In some ways, it's not.
In order to prevent my skills from degrading I turned off stabilization for all of my drawing tools.  This way, when I make a line that I like, I know that
:iconsol-caninus:Sol-Caninus 2 0



16th May 2017 - Proko Rib Studies 4
Doing these studies made me realise how much I forgot about working on the pelvis.  Also a real struggle with perspective.  I wasn't happy with the final version of the bottom one, I keep doing my ribs a bit too short and wide.

Also I noticed after that the rib is miles away from the pelvis, lol!  Oops.
Just a small update on how things are going.

I had a bad month this last month, just struggling a lot with getting started etc.

I think it is because I stopped doing my gestures and finished the Proko figure drawing fundamentals course. Then all I had really was face studies which wasn't very motivating.

Anyway I have set a few new goals for myself this month.

1. Finish the Proko Anatomy Course - This feels super fundamental to my learning. I want to be able to draw beautiful and realistic people. Anatomy problems are the first things I notice in otherwise amazing artists, I really respect artists with a strong understanding of anatomy, their work just "pops".

2. Start doing gestures again. I actually enjoy them, and they keep me motivated. I only stopped because I got out of the habit...

3. Face studies. Ick, I am sick of faces but I still have so many problems. Sigh. IDK why I love anatomy so much and yet hate anything to do with faces, maybe because I suck? haha. Anyway I really want to move toward a goal of at least one face per day.

4. Caricature studies. Much more interesting than generic form based face studies. :) . I have an idea to do an equivalent of my gesture studies, with 4 minutes per image drawing as many versions of a face as I can. I want to go through Court Jones's course on, but I will save that for after I finish the anatomy course. For now I would be happy to spend an hour a day doing 4-5minute caricature studies.


These are going to be the main areas I will focus on for now. I have a lot of other areas I want to work on (so many!!) but I think I will become overwhelmed if I do more lol. For now I want to focus on anatomy until I have at least a fundamental grasp.

Deadline. I read somewhere it is better to have deadlines because otherwise our study expands to fill the time we have. So I am setting a deadline of May 28th (one month from now!) to finish the Proko course and to move on, away from Anatomy (of course I will still maintain practice, but not as intensely).


Outside of study some interesting things (for me at least!) :)
  • Starting Wing Chun Kung Fu next week (can't wait!)
  • Just got an iPad Pro 9'7" (to draw on the go, so far I am really enjoying it, though I still prefer working at my Mac)
  • Reading... Brilliance by Marcus Sakey  (Really interesting, I am enjoying it)
  • Also reading... Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss (Good, but a lot of it doesn't apply to me,  I feel like this is a book more for people quite advanced in the areas of fitness or investment and finance, neither of which I am.  Might read the fitness section again in the future though).
  • Watching... Impact Theory on youtube (the interview with Mel Robbins was the best!)


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Sol-Caninus Featured By Owner May 7, 2017   General Artist
Thanks for the :+fav: (Girl in Blue Panties).  
Sol-Caninus Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017   General Artist
Thanks for the +Watch, Tash!  
Don't understand why you put your work in scraps, instead of gallery.  
coderie Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Student Digital Artist

Just a confidence thing I guess, still takes a lot for me to post on DA at all since I am still a bit shy about my work,  You are right though I should start posting in my main gallery.
Sol-Caninus Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017   General Artist
confidence begins with accepting what is - yourself, as you are, your ability, as far as it goes up to this point - and setting out from there. It's the journey that counts.  Put your faith and energy in the process.  Don't worry about the product.  The product is just a bread crumb to mark your path for those who are interested in following your progress.  

I think you'll be delighted in a year from now to review your gallery pieces.  Instead posting my best work I used to make a habit of posting the problem pieces, the one's that didn't work, and everything that showed the seams.  It proved very helpful, since one learns more from mistakes and "failures" than successes.  (That's science! friends.  XD  And it applies to skill training of all sorts. :) ) Embrace imperfection; put it to work for you. :D 
coderie Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  Student Digital Artist
hehe, I hope so, it is hard to change my personality though so I am just slowly trying to build my confidence by posting more and more.
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chateaugrief Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama!
Bridalveil Fall by chateaugrief
coderie Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
np thanks for the one you gave me too Hug 
Nice gallery btw Heart  
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