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Above:  Helpful tutorials for transitioning from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint.
Put a Lid on It:  I was going to cooly dissect someone whose talent I respect, though his character is yet immature in ways he cannot fathom.  But I realized it would not do either of us any good.  So, I hit the delete button.  I'm not going dress down a true asset, despite his faults, to satisfy a perceived slight; I won't indulge such vanity.  I'd like to, but I won't, because I'm mature.  At least that's what I tell myself.*
CSP - a Caveat:  Progressing farther with tools and methods as I make the transition from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint. Yesterday I tested the symmetry ruler, drawing perfectly symmetrical faces and such. CSP makes it easy to do a lot of things that ordinarily take practice in order to do them skillfully.  But you can do them skillfully without skill
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24th Mar 2017 - Face Study WIP
A progress shot of the face I am currently working on.  I am trying as best as I can to keep form in mind while I work, still a long way to go, I don't normally show progress shots but I thought it might be interesting this time to see how it changes.
24th Mar 2017 - Face Planes Study
Studying the planes of the face to try and keep them in mind when I paint more rendered images.  Sometimes it is difficult to think in 3d properly.
So, it's 2017, and I am really determined to improve at my art.  I am pushing myself harder than I have in the past, trying to force myself to work from the ground up.

I really want to nail the fundamentals this year.  So I am starting off with Proko's Figure Drawing Fundamentals course.  My current goal was to do one chapter a day and build on the last, whilst reviewing what I had learned so far.  However I just got up to mannequins, and wow, I thought robo-bean was hard, there is no way I can finish that behemoth chapter in one day.  So I am actually going to break the mannequin chapter up into parts of the body in the order he shows them in his video (starting with neck).

My current study schedule:

  • 40x 60s Gesture Drawings
  • 20x Bean Practice
  • 5x Robo-Bean Practice (these are really hard and take a long time at the moment, once I am more confident with them, I will replace my bean practice with 20x Robo-Beans).
  • Chapter study (currently mannequins, so working bit by bit to nail and review that chapter).
Afternoon:  (I really start to struggle to focus on learning in the afternoon, so I realised I need to do "fun"/"easy-going" things in the arvo).
  • Pinterest Cosplay Study Marathon :)
  • Drawing for fun
  • Relax, play games, watch anime.

So far it has been going well, hopefully in the next few months I can see progress.

Other habits I am trying to adapt:  Doodling cubes, cylinders etc. when I am watching movies, on the phone etc.

Future goals when I finish the Proko Course:
  • Caricature Course
  • Anatomy Course
  • Scott Robertson's How to Draw & How to Render
  • Schoolism Courses (too many that I want to do!!!)
  • Daily Studies (rocks, trees, textures, materials etc.)
I am enjoying having a schedule to follow along with, it helps me keep focused and feel like I am progressing in a direction.

I will continue uploading all my studies etc. daily into scraps.  I don't really expect anyone to care about them, but I like having the record. 

EDIT:  I forgot to mention I do 12 hour shifts on the days I do work, so there will be some days where I don't post at all.  This is made up by more than normal days off luckily. <3


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Sol-Caninus Featured By Owner 4 days ago   General Artist
Thanks for the +Watch, Tash!  
Don't understand why you put your work in scraps, instead of gallery.  
coderie Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist

Just a confidence thing I guess, still takes a lot for me to post on DA at all since I am still a bit shy about my work,  You are right though I should start posting in my main gallery.
Sol-Caninus Featured By Owner 4 days ago   General Artist
confidence begins with accepting what is - yourself, as you are, your ability, as far as it goes up to this point - and setting out from there. It's the journey that counts.  Put your faith and energy in the process.  Don't worry about the product.  The product is just a bread crumb to mark your path for those who are interested in following your progress.  

I think you'll be delighted in a year from now to review your gallery pieces.  Instead posting my best work I used to make a habit of posting the problem pieces, the one's that didn't work, and everything that showed the seams.  It proved very helpful, since one learns more from mistakes and "failures" than successes.  (That's science! friends.  XD  And it applies to skill training of all sorts. :) ) Embrace imperfection; put it to work for you. :D 
coderie Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
hehe, I hope so, it is hard to change my personality though so I am just slowly trying to build my confidence by posting more and more.
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chateaugrief Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the llama!
Bridalveil Fall by chateaugrief
coderie Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
np thanks for the one you gave me too Hug 
Nice gallery btw Heart  
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